Picture Jasper Necklace with pendant.

Natural gemstones. Intermittent natural wood spacers. Beads diameter 6mm. Necklace length 55cm. Pendant size: 5cm x 4cm. Adjustable length, macrame sliding knot. 

Picture Jasper is a beautiful Earth element stone that is strongly connected to the consciousness and energy of Mother Earth. It is a powerful healing stone. It is often called the "Third eye of the Earth" and is linked to Third eye and Root chakras. It is a fantastic stone for reconnecting with the Goddess energy, for enhancing intuition and inner-journeying practices, meditation, astral travel, lucid dreaming and visioning,  and past life work. It is a powerful ally in shamanic and Earth magic ceremonies and rituals. Picture Jasper will assist its wearer in living consciously, being in balance and in tune with the rhythm of the Nature and the inner self.

An amazing piece to have! 
May it bring you joy and deep healing!

Picture Jasper Necklace


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