Midwife necklace and amethyst palm stone set

In the necklace: 6mm amethyst, natural malachite and moss agate beads, 8mm focal moss agate beads. Purple thread. Barrel screw clasp.

Necklace length 52.5cm. Gorgeous amethyst cluster stone size 4x5cm. Set comes with a beautiful storage bag and gift box.

This is a magnificent set for a midwife, which will make a wonderful gift. The stones in this set were specifically chosen to support and assist the owner in her profession.

Midwives spend a lot of time working with people and dealing with their emotions. Amethyst will create for you psychological protection and block negative energy of all sorts. Being a master-healer stone, amethyst will also be helpful in labour, so it will be a good idea to bring the palm stone with you while you attend birthing women. Amethyst brings peace, calm and balance of emotions. It brings emotional stability and connection to your inner self. It also alleviates pain and releases tension in labour.

Malachite, the midwives’ stone, promotes effective contractions and safe and easy birth. It cleanses the emotions and memories of the past, alleviating previous births’ traumas and fears, releasing tension and pain in labour.
Malachite is a wonderful protection stone that protects against evil eye, evil spirits, negative wishes and negative energy of others. It is also said to protect against environmental pollutants and electromagnetic fields, including electromagnetic radiation from computers, mobile phones and other devices. Being a powerful energy conduit, malachite helps to open a deeper connection with your subconscious and the outer world and assists in spiritual and psychic development.
Malachite is very beneficial for alleviating stress and insomnia. It has detoxifying effect, strengthens immune system and helps dealing with allergies. It is also beneficial for healing female sexual organs, menstrual problems, cramps, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, joint problems, tumours and asthma.

Moss Agate is a great grounding and stabilising stone, enhancing calm and focus. It protects the wearer and brings the sense of harmony and feeling of being loved. Improves self-esteem and self-confidence and also brings abundance, success and prosperity. Stimulates good relationships and friendship. Moss Agate is very healing and is especially recommended for digestive and intestinal issues and to ease childbirth.

Midwife necklace and amethyst palm stone set


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