Gorgeous stretchy Mala bracelet with Peru amazonite, chrysocolla and yellow calcite


Bring on some peace and calm in your life with this beautiful Mala bracelet! 
It will be adjusted to your chosen length. 6mm gemstone beads. Tibetan silver lotus charm.

Blue amazonite assist with communication and self-expression, brings calm and helps building self-esteem. It assists in healing after emotional traumas and in fighting with anxiety and fears. Amazonite is very beneficial for nervous system, thyroid, strong bones and calcium absorption. It is also good for treating eczema. In addition, it absorbs electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, microwaves and other devices that is so harmful for our health.

Calcite is a powerful energy cleansing stone that enhances intelligence and brings hope to those who seem have lost it. Calcite connects emotions with the mind and is an emotional healer. It has a good calming effect, boosts memory, assists thinking and analysis. It helps children’s growth, development and process of learning. Promotes motivation and chases away laziness. Physically, calcite strengthens immune system, helps calcium absorption and is beneficial for eczema and other skin conditions, thyroid and intestinal problems, bones and joints.


Chrysocolla has a powerful emotional balancing effect and is considered a 'stone of harmony'. It assists in chasing away fears, nightmares, anxiety and depression. Chrysocolla also supports the larynx and helps treating hip joint issues.

Peace and joy to you!

Mala bracelet with Peru amazonite

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