"Healing" Green aventurine necklace
Length 43cm + 5cm extension chain. Lobster clasp. 8mm rondelle-shaped natural aventurine beads.
Green aventurine is a powerful emotional and physical healer. It stimulates physical regeneration and recovery after illness, supports the heart and circulatory system, heals the nervous system, aids with good sleep and sinus problems and will be helpful with allergies. It brings calm and balance, stabilises emotions, and creates the sense of joy and happiness. It is a stone of good luck, optimism and confidence that would help to deal with new environments and difficult situations, changes and ups and downs in life. With its revitalising, energising and stamina boosting effect, it helps its wearer to glide through life with ease, humour and joy. Green aventurine helps releasing and healing deep emotional wounds and traumas, gently grounding and connecting to the healing energies of the Earth, balancing the heart chakra and encouraging the wearer to move forward in life. It also protects against electromagnetic energy and environmental pollution.
Reiki charged with love, light and the intention for healing.

Healing Green aventurine necklace


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