"Fire Lady" jute arrangement with gorgeous carnelian stone tumble.


Beautiful handcrafted piece. Natural jute cord on fabric base. 

Diameter 15cm. Stone size: 2.5x2x1.6cm.

This arrangement will suit well for your desktop decoration or as an altar centrepiece.

Carnelian tumblestone can be taken out and mediatated with or carried around in a pocket or purse. Another option is to put it under your pillow for the night when you feel like you need to recharge yourself with its juicy energy. 


It is well-known that feminine power - power of creativity, feelings, sensuality, sexuality, fertility and life force - dwells in the Sacral chakra (orange). The "Fire Lady" is a perfect symbol of the feminity and the powerful creative energy within your amazing self. Carnelian stone will be most beneficial in balancing and tuning into your Divine Feminine, unleashing your inner power and integrating your inner goddess. B

Let yourself become your TRUE YOU!


Carnelian instils courage and protection from fear. It is a very energetic stone that brings motivation and willpower to the wearer. It is a stone that heals Sacral chakra (orange), and improves stamina, libido and sensuality. It will bring its wearer passion and desire and will help solve fertility and conception issues. Carnelian will help you at times of emotional and physical stress and will improve self-esteem. Carnelian promotes better metabolism, vitamins and nutrients absorption and addresses digestive and intestinal issues.


May this piece bring you balance, joy and healing! 

Fire Lady with carnelian stone

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