Gorgeous bracelet to awaken your womanly power!

10mm and 8mm moonstone and rhodochrosite beads, 6mm amethyst and 4mm garnet beads. 

Beautiful feminine colour combination and wonderful healing and empowering properties.


Moonstone is a truly amazing gemstone! It symbolises the Moon Goddess and is strongly connected to the moon. It stimulates confidence and self-composure, balances and calms emotions, bringing them under control. It is used to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. It provides deep emotional healing, helps with stress and anxiety, improves sleep. Moonstone helps with hormonal problems, menstrual problems, PMS and assists with conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone is also a talisman of love. It has soothing and calming effect on the wearer. Brings feelings of protection, safety and peace, alleviates fears and tension in labour. It is also believed to stimulate effective contractions and promote breastfeeding. Moonstone also enhances wisdom – a great quality of any woman and mother.


Garnet is one of the most ancient gemstone talismans. Grounding and earthy, it is also the stone of health and stamina, love and passion. It is energizing and protecting. Garnet brings self-confidence, courage and harmony of emotions. Garnet regenerates the body, heals wounds, purifies blood and enhances metabolism. Beneficial for heart and lung problems, joint and spinal disorders. Assists in absorption of minerals and vitamins. A great stone to relieve fears and alleviate bad dreams.


Amethyst will create for you psychological protection and block negative energy of all sorts. It is also effective in removing negative emotional programming, even from the previous generations. This stone chases away nightmares, helps with insomnia and improves sleep. Amethyst brings peace, calm and balance of emotions. It brings emotional stability and connection to your inner self. Amethyst is a master-healer stone. It also alleviates pain, releases tension and also boosts the immune-system.


Rhodochrosite is the stone of selfless love and compassion. It enhances positive attitude and loving vibes. It also allows to face the truth and reality with loving acceptance and to heal painful emotions. Rhodochrosite is beneficial for emotional release, self-confidence, memory and intellect and assists against chronical self-blame, denial, depression, fears and stress.


May this bracelet bring you joy and magic of gemstones!


Bracelet with moonstone, rhodochrosite, amethyst and garnet


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