Distance Healing and Reading Sessions

Distance reading and healing with full written report of the process and findings provided to you.

What is included in this session:

*Soul healing (Usually a past life journeying, however, I do not control what comes up. Your higher self and your guidance team will bring up what is needed to be healed at that time.) 

*Clearing and balancing of chakras and your energy field.

*Release of negativity, negative attachments. Cords cutting if necessary.

*Aura clearing. 

*Messages and advice from your spirit guides. 

Despite being a non-contact healing, these sessions are very effective and deep.


The session does not require any participation from your side apart from being open to receive healing. The session will be done within 3 business days from the date of receiving your order.

If you wish to give any specific details about yourself or your issues, you are welcome to do so but this is optional. 


The report is provided to you via email as a PDF file. 


$120 AUD per session